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 Mirror Price List and Release


To help you understand our dilemma: In March 2020, silver spot priced at $11.96; in June 2021, silver was priced at over $28.00. This would mean the automobile rear view mirror I silvered last year for around $60 would now run nearly $140. We anticipate silver prices will come down – they always do following disasters. We’ve watched/bought silver for mirror resilvering since 1976. We don’t want to get stuck with high priced silver on inventory, which would keep your prices too high later on when the market responds to normalcy. Thus, we’re waiting this out.

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Tim Inman grew up in families of craftsmen. His father, Byron, was a nationally recognized woodcarver and an accomplished cabinetmaker. Together with his brother, these men built hand made cabinets, furniture items and custom staircases and fittings for fine homes and buildings. From the time Tim was first paid for working with antiques (at age 14) until today almost 54 years later, he has been actively involved in the furniture trades. For over 2 decades, Tim worked with Minuteman Furniture Restoration in Waterloo, Wisconsin to help develop the very best equipment and products for professional furniture restoration experts. He conducted workshops and seminars that informed and enhanced the skills of over 10, 000 restoration professionals all across America. Now, in ‘semi-retirement’ Tim has created this website for you to help you stay informed and active in the trade that is so near to his heart.

If you’ve got questions, he’s got answers. Woodfinishing and Furniture Restorer’s Guide (WFRG) is a free, and open internet discussion area. It is open to all. You must register to post questions and share answers, but anyone anywhere can read the answers. Tim is a question and answer guy for Woodworker’s Journal eZine. We’ll link you to his answers there, too. Our Woodfinishing Guide Blog, is a feature for archiving the best of the discussion questions, and for sharing Tim’s views on the art and craft of furniture restoration.

Our online store is better than ever, and we’re committed to making it the best we can for you. We are adding teaching and how-to information for you, and follow the old creed: “Don’t tell me, show me!” We’ve added some software, we’ve edited some ideas, we’ve changed some old habits – and of course, we’ve kept all of the good old things, too.

We even have plans to do a little podcasting for you in the future. Tim and Joyce have many hours of audio classes and presentations in their libraries. We’re working on digitizing them and making them available for You via mp3’s on iTunes and RSS feeds.

All this is exciting and at the same time overwhelming. There is only so much time in a day, and we’re a ‘two-horse’ cart in a big ol’ horserace. Please be patient with our projects, and please feel free to contact us to offer your advice and input.

Tim B. Inman