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Tim B. Inman

Personal Vitae from the Advisory Board listing of the National Institute of Wood Finishing at Dakota Technical College, Rosemount, Minnesota:

  • B.S. 1971 Iowa State University, Industrial Education major with special emphasis in finishing materials and methods.
  • Member and Past President Epsilon Pi Tau, Alpha Xi chapter, professional honorary promoting excellence in technical education
  • Attended University of Nebraska Law School
  • Specialized continuing education courses under mentors Mervin Martin (furniture conservation), Stanley Robers (gilding), Jonathan Thornton (interior decorative ornamentation) via the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies.
  • Owner of private furniture restoration business since 1974.
  • Instructor for professional furniture restoration programs for Minuteman, Inc. since 1980, advanced and introductory levels. Specialized Program presenter for Iowa Western Community College.
  • Published in: Fine Woodworking, Professional Refinishing, Professional Upholsterer, Wood Shop News, Fine Woodworking Finishing and Finishing Techniques, The Minuteman Crier.
  • Editor and Publisher of Wood Finishing and Furniture Restorers’ Guide newsletter.
  • Author of 6 trade books in the furniture restoration field.
  • Producer of Wood Finishing with Jerry TerHark video.
  • Speaker / presenter at Professional Refinishing Conference, April 1999.
  • Memberships in the following trade organizations: American Institute for the Conservation of Historic Works (AIC), Society of Gilders, Professional Picture Framers Assn, American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, Association of Restorers, American Association of Woodturners, and the Society of Ornamental Turners.
  • Member of the Dakota County Technical College Advisory Committee since 1985.