Mirror Resilvering

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Will My Mirror Come Out Perfect?

All old mirrors have flaws and scars of age. Scratches and chips are obvious. Sometimes the polish of the glass has been etched by time and exposure to air when the original backing paints are damaged or failing. When we resilver your mirror, we bond new silver to your old glass. Although we re-polish by hand, and make the mirror surface as perfect as possible, sometimes there are imperfections in a resilvered mirror.

The quality of your resilvered mirror is directly related to the quality and condition of the BACK side of your glass. The better the glass is before resilvering, the better or more perfect you can expect your resilvered mirror to be. Old mirrors, especially old mirrors which have gotten into pretty bad condition, can be expected to show some scars and marks of age. This is what makes a resilvered mirror an antique with character. Usually, the imperfections are not noticeable unless you are trying to look for them. Viewed head-on, they are almost never seen. In a glare angle, they show most, especially ‘cloudy’ areas.

What about the risk of breakage?

There is always a chance of breakage whenever we ship and handle old glass and mirrors. Inman Historic Interiors does not guarantee against broken glass. We simply can not. So, we need you to understand that when you send us your mirror, there is a chance of breakage and the risk is yours. We do not charge for our work or chemicals in the event of a broken glass. If the mirror breaks, we all feel bad together. We wish it was different, but there is not any way we can guarantee against this risk. Fortunately the risk is extremely small. We have silvered mirrors and glass since the 1970’s and can count the broken mirrors on one hand. But still…there is always a chance and we want you to be informed before you make your decision to send us your mirrors.