Antique Auto Mirrors

Update 07-05-2021We have stopped taking in new work until silver prices stabilize. Thanks for your understanding.

To help you understand our dilemma: In March 2020, silver spot priced at $11.96; in June 2021, silver was priced at over $28.00. This would mean the automobile rear view mirror I silvered last year for around $60 would now run nearly $140. We anticipate silver prices will come down – they always do following disasters. We’ve watched/bought silver for mirror resilvering since 1976. We don’t want to get stuck with high priced silver on inventory, which would keep your prices too high later on when the market responds to normalcy. Thus, we’re waiting this out.

Mirror Price List and Release 
(The COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS CAUSE THE PRICE OF SILVER TO SKY ROCKET. We will not be accepting any new customer’s work until silver prices have stabilized.

Do you Resilver Antique Auto Mirrors?

Yes, we resilver antique auto mirrors, and other specialty mirrors, too. In addition to furniture mirrors, we also resilver antique automobile mirrors. We’ve resilvered theatre spotlight lenses, sailboat search light lenses, railroad signal lenses, archery sight mirrors, and we’ve even done laboratory and telescope mirrors. So, if you have a mirror that needs to be resilvered – or a piece of glass that needs to become a new mirror – we can probably do it for you.

Since the 1970’s, when we developed our own resilvering chemicals and processes, we’ve been resilvering old antique mirrors, and making new ones. As a complete service antique restoration shop, we pride ourselves in being able to offer this unique service to our customers.

How much does it cost? Most auto rear-view mirrors are $58.50, plus return shipping. We do not profit from shipping charges, so we charge you whatever the actual cost of shipping (USP, USPS, etc.) is. We return ship the way you specify, so shipping costs vary. Most rear-view mirrors run under $20 for return shipping. So, most rear-view mirrors will run $58.50 plus costs for your choice of return shipping methods; usually this is in the area of $75 total for resilvering and return postage.

Can we ship our mirror to you via UPS, USPS or FedEx for resilvering? Yes! Many folks ship us their mirrors for resilvering. If you would like to send us your mirror, please contact us for packing instructions before you ship. Remember, our resilvering prices do not include return shipping. Call Tim at 712-625-2403 for packing instructions.


Do not remove the original backings and/or backing paints from your mirror before you send it to us. PLEASE let us remove the original backings. Removing the original backings is the single most common cause of ‘poor’ quality resilvered mirrors. Scratches, chemical interactions and ruined surface polish are all things that can happen if you try it yourself. Once the damage is done, we can not correct it.

Mail your mirror to us at:

Inman Historic Interiors
3367 170th St.
Randolph, IA 51649

Please be sure to include your name, address, email etc. INSIDE the package. Allow 4 to 6 weeks working time for us to resilver your mirror and return it to you.

Mirrors which are curved, have polished edges, or other special elements add extra charges. If your mirror has something special, like a clear area in the silver for a clock to show through, then we quote the price on a one-to-one basis, depending upon the work to be done. Quotes are free. Larger than traditional auto rear-view mirrors, and side mirrors, are priced by our regular mirror resilvering price list.

Remember, when we resilver your mirror, we replate with a heavy coating of pure genuine silver metal. Unlike many new mirrors today,we do not us chrome or aluminum on any mirrors we resilver. So, when we say we ‘resilver’ we really mean it!

Will My Mirror Come Out Perfect?

All old mirrors have flaws and scars of age. Scratches and chips are obvious. Sometimes the polish of the glass has been etched by time and exposure to air when the original backing paints are damaged or failing. When we resilver your mirror, we bond new silver to your old glass. Although we re-polish by hand, and make the mirror surface as perfect as possible, it is not uncommon to be able to find some blemish imperfections in your resilvered mirror.

The quality of your resilvered mirror is directly related to the quality and condition of the BACK side of your glass. The better the glass is before resilvering, the better or more perfect you can expect your resilvered mirror to be. Old mirrors, especially old mirrors which have gotten into pretty bad condition, can be expected to show some scars and marks of age. This is what makes a resilvered mirror an antique with character. Usually, the imperfections are not noticeable unless you are trying to look for them. Viewed head-on, they are almost never seen. In a glare angle, they show most, especially ‘cloudy’ areas.

All that said, sometimes the surface polish is badly affected. There is nothing we can do to restore blemished glass.

What about the risk of breakage?

There is always a chance of breakage whenever we ship and handle old glass and mirrors. Inman Historic Interiors does not guarantee against broken glass. We simply can not. So, we need you to understand that when you send us your mirror, there is a chance of breakage and the risk is yours. We do not charge for our work or chemicals in the event of a broken glass. If the mirror breaks, we all feel bad together. We wish it was different, but there is not any way we can guarantee against this risk. Fortunately the risk is extremely small. We have silvered mirrors and glass since the 1970’s and can count the broken mirrors on one hand. But still…there is always a chance and we want you to be informed before you make your decision to send us your mirrors.